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Brand new fracking technology:

The modulator


Working on a closing station and witnessing the accidental closing of a well end during fracking sparked a simple question for Aaron Collins, “How often does this happen?” Knowing that accidental well closures happen frequently, are costly, and sometimes a life-threatening event, Rockin 4-C Services looked to develop a solution.

After consulting with a hydraulic expert, experimenting with numerous designs, and countless quality tests, the Modulator was created.


What is the Modulator?

The Modulator is a ground-breaking valve closing station. Its compact design allows it to be set up directly in front of the wellhead that it controls. This aids in the prevention of unwanted well closures.

The Modulator provides these key benefits:

Aids the prevention of unwanted well closures.

Takes up less space than conventional models due to 2 ft. x 2 ft. design and quicker and easier transport to site due to innovative build.

Eliminates the need and cost for hiring 3rd party valve operators.

How it works

Setting up the Modulator is easy. Simply unload the closing station, set up the module units in the chosen locations, connect a hydraulic hose to it, and power it up.

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